L'Occitane : Mist Bubble Project Case Study


Project Description:

With a timeline of a few weeks, our team was given a task to develop a bubble mist generator inspired by Studio Swine’s Sculptural Tree that ‘blossoms’ with mist in bubbles, an installation from Milan Design Week.

The idea was then adapted into L’Occitane’s Sensorial Journey event held in Mid Valley in August 2018 (Event Organizer: Wowsome), where audiences will be experiencing a 5 senses journey, having the bubbles captivating audience by smell. The ideas was to encapsulate the scents of L’Occitane into the bubbles.

Main Challenges:

  • To determine ways to insert mist into the bubbles.

  • Ensuring bubbles not break easily and able to hold sufficient volume of mist.

  • To control size of the bubbles and to have them formed in consistent size.

  • To ensure bubbles are formed continuously throughout the whole event.

By far, our most challenging project to date, a perfect storm of mechanical, electronics and chemical engineering and to top if off, one near impossible timeline.
— Ang Tee Chian, Technical Director

Learning outcomes:

Sleepless nights (and days) with only cup noodles, liquid caffeine in copious doses ( coke + espresso ), countless 3D prints and iterations, glimmers of hope which ended in disappointment, rinse and repeat. This is the reality of developing an idea from nothing to live deployment in a matter of weeks. When life gives you lemons.....it’s time to adapt. 

We went from full mechanism and electronics design to ‘on the go’ hacks of everyday items. We ended up stripping down all our designs and focusing only on the essentials. In the end, the show must go on!! Thanks to Shea and my team for being there when it mattered most.
— Ang Tee Chian