An Honest Product Review: The Memobottle

Sample image retrieved from Google.

Sample image retrieved from Google.

The Review

We've all been there, you spot that beautifully designed, cool looking object that could only have come to life in the mind of a truly great designer, during that fleeting moment of caffeine induced inspiration. A work of art no doubt, look at that premium packaging, the attention to detail, who cares if it's mass produced. So what if I already have several water bottles of all shapes and sizes at home. And that price, isn't too bad either, it's a designer product after all. I'm supporting creativity!

Anyways, fast forward 3 months. I've been using a memobottle and it has worked as well as could be expected. I've gotten comments and questions about where I picked up this lovely piece of plastic, further reinforcing the theory that it's not about how a product feels like to use, but rather how the product makes you feel about yourself when you use it. 

And then one day, I just noticed something that made my tummy churn. Have I really been drinking from what can only be described as an algae farm. So the only logical thing to do is to clean this bottle. I've got a really nifty "designer" bottle brush that's slim, long and fairly flexible. Picked it up at IKEA for RM 2.90.


I go about trying to clean, and that's when I realized....this design SUCKS. It's nigh impossible to clean. The website says: clean with water and vinegar.  Guess these designers never tested the product in a hot and humid climate. Who can blame them. Didn't that happen to VW and their infamous dual clutch transmissions? Worked like a charm in Europe, but in parts of Asia, there were even street protests because of how awful the reliability was. 

So anyhow, I try to bend the brush, it's flexible after all. I give it a slightly harder push. That's when the spout literally cracks.

So that's the end of that. This designer bottle is going into the thrash...I mean, the recycling bin. Goodbye memobottle. We hardly knew you. 

Final Verdict:


  • It's cool

  • Slim profile means it slips into your bag effortlessly

  • Doesn't leak


  • Limited capacity

  • Impossible to clean

  • Fragile


Cool design but lack of practicality is a bummer. Noticed they have a new design on their website. This looks like it's tempting.

Product Rating: 4/10

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are views of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Expedio Design.