The Process

The process of creating something new, something that’s never been done, and bringing this idea to life may seem intimidating, so lets break it down, step by step:

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Design Discovery & strategy

  • Discover & define your true north, your reason for being, your brand’s x-factor and how to effectively communicate this to your most valuable clients

  • Define your ideal customers and align their needs to your business goals

  • Identify opportunities for taking your business to the next level and prioritize brand awareness, revenue generation, sustainable product innovation and optimizing operations

  • Co-create a unique design strategy with clear, actionable insights and a rock solid plan of execution for harnessing the power of good design to bring measurable value and impact to your business

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industrial design

  • Design Research: From observational studies to focus group discussions, we glean insights from watching people and asking the right questions. These invaluable discovery sessions result in actionable learnings that give our designs context and deeper meaning

  • Trend & Market Analysis

  • Design Language Development: Design language gives a product direction and a clear message, it’s like a vision statement for your product

  • Product Styling: First impressions count. We’re talking timeless, meaningful elegance as opposed to fashion fads

  • Detailed Product Specifications

  • Mechanical Concept Development

  • Color Material & Finishing

  • Experience Strategy: It’s all about how the product/service/etc makes you feel

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  • POC Development: We build Proof Of Concept models to make sure an idea is technologically feasible and economically viable

  • Mechanical Design & Engineering

  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Engineering Optimization / Design for X: DFM – Design for optimal manufacturing cost

  • Prototype Manufacturing & Validation ; We build the prototypes, and then proceed to torture (test) them



  • Custom large scale mockups: Some prototypes are so unique, no 3D printer can build them. Really!!

  • CNC Machining: Also known as traditional prototyping. Extremely labor intensive, but gives the best quality and greatest flexibility of materials

  • Metalworking

  • 3D Printing: Awesome technology, constantly evolving and improving. Great for fast turnaround models for design verification throughout the development phase

  • FDM: Fused Deposition Modeling

  • SLA: Stereolithography

  • SLS: Selective Laser Sintering


product commercialization

  • Component Sourcing: Choosing the best components for the best price, certainly no easy task

  • Vendor Qualification & Selection: We do comprehensive site visits and audit our suppliers so that you don’t have to

  • Production Management: We make sure things go smoothly when you start manufacturing your product in large quantities

  • Channel & Logistics: The last thing you want to worry about when your product is about to hit the market