Collaborative Office System


Influenced by a combination of iconic design movements and styles from significant design periods of the past, the FLUX series makes a statement with its bold & unique maximalist aesthetic. The result is a desking system that blends strong design elements & styling cues together in perfect harmony, creating a striking, impactful presence in any workspace environment.

 The 70’s and 80’s, saw a surge in unique, bold styles and design languages resulting in some of the most iconic and timeless product designs. While seemingly chaotic on its own, these design elements coexisted in a thoughtful harmonic and balanced manner. The Flux aesthetic captures the same courage and spirit of this era. Among the many bold design elements and directions of this era of maximalist design were a healthy dose of bold, vibrant colors, tactile textures and contrasting materials that allowed users to boldly proclaim and express their unique personalities.

Designed for the workforce of the future, FLUX was designed from the ground up, with open, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and flexible workspaces in mind.

FLUX offers a variety of customization and personalization options that cater to the unique needs of your workspace. The system allows for rapid setup, customization and configuration; and offers an almost infinite number of unique combinations of accessories, materials, finishing and layouts.

FLUX can be adapted to blend into and enhance any workspace environment, both functionally and aesthetically.

Project Scope
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering & Prototyping