MOVISH PrintStation
Integrated, Portable Photo Printing System

20160914 movish printer.1070.jpg

MOVISH is a experiential events solutions specialist, providing organizers with unique and creative ideas and systems that bring the newest, wildest experiential ideas to reality, ensuring each event leaves a lasting impact and tangible returns on investment. MOVISH partnered with expedio to realize a line of products that helped solve some of the most challenging requirements. The MOVISH Event Series of products is a direct result of a continuous, collaborative design partnership. 

Form follows function in this minimalist inspired design approach. The MOVISH Printstation is easy to deploy and setup. Ease of use is a priority, with easy to access openings and ports to ensure that the MOVISH Printstation is easy to service and maintain. A combination of processes were used to bring this product to reality, including sheet metal bending, laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC machining. The robust and sturdy steel frame protects the internals, with consideration for thermal management to keep the MOVISH PrintStation running cool all day.

Project Scope
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing.