The Albatross
Transforming Home Fitness System


The Albatross represents a revolutionary concept comprising an all-in-one fitness system designed specifically for markets where space is a premium. Built on a minimalist footprint featuring hand-crafted, thermo-formed curved birch doors, custom brushed 304 stainless-steel hardware, and a unique multi-hinge closure mechanism, the Albatross is a unique blend of innovation, beauty and functionality. expedio provided strategic design, industrial design, user experience studies, engineering, sourcing, prototyping and volume production staging.

Albatross features an honest design that makes generous use of real birch wood from sustainable sources. It transforms from beautiful, artisanal living room showpiece to fully functional cross training system in seconds and features a low profile, streamlined design. Product strategy includes a detailed roadmap for a full range of accessories including mobile device docks and bluetooth enabled smart accessories in order to create a complete fitness solution for the ultra urban landscape of the near future. 

Project Scope
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering & Prototyping.