Give us your best answers!

(Text-book answers may score you A's in school,
but in Expedio we value creative solutions!)


1.      What does Expedio Design mean to you?

2.      Describe your understanding of what a multidisciplinary design consultancy does?

3.      How would you respond to the following scenarios?

a.      A client has given you only a week to come up with a design concept for their new product. List down the steps in the process of successfully completing this task.

b.      You and the team have come up with a unique design concept and sincerely believe this to be an awesome game-changing idea. However, the client is known to be super-conservative and extremely resistant to new ideas. What would you do?

c.      You have been working around the clock trying to complete a task for an extremely urgent deadline (that happens to be tomorrow morning). Your boss asks you to put that aside for a while to help him with something that is also very urgent. How would you respond?

Send over your portfolio and CV with the answers above to
Subject Title: Internship Application - [Name]

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