Inking Our Way With Inktober!

Sketch Theme of The Day #Flowing

Sketch Theme of The Day #Flowing

Within the design community, October is not just about designing the next horrific costumes for Halloween, but it is also the time for some daily action packed sketching session because it’s Inktober guys!

Instead of sketching privately in our expensive mole skin sketchbook and posting it in instagram (not so private after all), we have decided to make it a daily activity among the team. Designer or not, everyone had to do it. We even had a rule to it, to complete the sketch based on the daily theme within 30 mins. Pens and paper ready to go!

The sketch themes we had:
1. Flowing
2. Cruel
3. Weak
4. Sharp
5. Swollen
6. Bottle
7. Expensive
8. Muddy
9. Chop
10. Spikey
11. Slice

I guess the main reason of this exercise is to allow everyone the space to express them selves. It’s all about keeping it raw without the intention of perfection. So, here’s the compilation of our sketches! Enjoy!