We Create Compelling & Impactful Experiences…

…by bringing great ideas to life through a blend of strategy and multi-disciplinary design.

We continuously challenge the status quo and purposefully cultivate a culture of creativity, innovation and fun that inspires us to do our very best work, everyday.

We Start with the End In Mind

It all starts with a clear purpose. Working hand-in-hand with our clients to discover and align them to what’s most important. The result is a unique design strategy. Picture a tailored suit, made to measure, just for your business. We thoughtfully consider business goals and sustainable product innovation ensuring a design strategy that enables our clients to experience measurable business value.

Data Drives Our Design

Breakthrough ideas are inspired by design research done right. We practice a proven design-led, people-centered research process that combines both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. This process allows us to uncover surprising, ground-breaking actionable insights that go on to inspire great design and potentially disruptive market innovations.

We're All About Experiential Design Realization

The experience is what we live for. But the process of creating compelling and impactful experiences involves sifting through the chaff until only what’s right and truly necessary remains. Nothing superfluous, nothing pretentious. Just honest, beautiful, practical and elegant designs that stand the test of time, and are developed with the human experience at the centre. Every single touch point, from manufacturing, assembly and technical support to the end customer experience is considered and crafted with care.

We're Multi-Disciplinary

Our multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers collaborate seamlessly from the very beginning, combining thoughtful strategy, breakthrough styling and ingenious engineering to bring ideas to reality and products to market. Our services include design strategy and discovery, people-focused design research, brand identity design, product innovation roadmap development, ideation, industrial design, mechanical, electronic and software engineering, prototyping, tooling, volume production and component sourcing.

We Practice A Collaborative (and Unconventional) Business Model

expedio’s flexible and collaborative business model allows us the opportunity and privilege to engage our clients at a degree of intimacy that goes beyond traditional client-consultancy relationships; where the positive effects of design are maximized over an extended period of time. To date, we’ve had the pleasure of long term working relationships with a diverse spectrum of clients types, from individual entrepreneurs and startups to global fortune 500 companies.

Meet Team Expedio

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Li Soong
Co-Founder & Director of Misc. Things

Aviary Photo_131448442475564726.png

Lead Design Engineer

Aviary Photo_131448442782507955.png

Wei Min
Design & Research Specialist


Software Specialist

Aviary Photo_131448443361297019.png

Tee Chian
Co-Founder & Design Director

Aviary Photo_131448450956395826.png

Business Development Specialist


Qiao Yuan
Engineering Specialist


Shadow & Trooper
Co-CEOs (Chief Entertainment Officers)

Aviary Photo_131448444396048448.png

Mei Ling
Administration & Accounts

Aviary Photo_131448441779126588.png

Design Specialist


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